Work From Hawaii

How do you get NYers to set aside work for a Hawaiian vacation? You don’t.

In 2018, tourism from New York to Hawaii was lagging. In fact, our research found that New Yorkers were taking less vacations overall — with less than 50% of them using up their available vacation time.

New Yorkers are obsessed with their careers, but they hate the office. In fact, in a survey we conducted, 96% of NY Millennials agreed that getting away from their work routine was essential to fueling their creativity.

WFH (Work From Hawaii) was a unique travel campaign that repositioned the islands as the perfect destination for remote work. We created six bespoke residencies - one on each of Hawaii’s six islands - designed to entice New York’s top six industries. From thousands of applications, we selected our residents, then shared their transformative experiences via Instagram ads targeted to peers in their field. The program didn’t just inspire a 53% increase in organic travel queries from New York, it helped generate an incredible $342 Million increase in US East visitor spending across the islands.

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