The World's Most "Extra" Tampon

To make a simple no-frills tampon relevant again, we invented one that was anything but.

Playtex, a 50 year old tampon brand, was struggling to stay relevant among young women. The brand’s flagship product, Playtex Simply Gentle Glide, was losing market share to an influx of specialty competitors with trendy “extra” features. From period underwear to probiotic tampons, these newcomers were thriving in today’s Kardashian, Goop obsessed culture. So, to poke fun at the extra-fication of femcare products, We created Playtex Xtra: The world’s most ‘extra’ tampon. Partnering with D’Arcy Carden (‘Janet’ from ‘The Good Place’) we released an SNL-style parody ad and accompanying social campaign to show that, when it comes to tampons, simpler is better.

Recognition: Real Simple, Cosmopolitan, People, Creativity Editor’s Pick, Webby Awards Nominee, Shorty Awards Winner x3

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