Schick Shave the Day

The addictive mobile game that fights childhood cancer as you play.

St. Baldrick’s Foundation is a non-profit that hosts head shaving events to raise money for childhood cancer research. But in 2020, with COVID-19 cancelling in-person events indefinitely, critical fundraising came to a halt. Schick Xtreme, a brand known for its head-shaving prowess, saw an opportunity to reimagine St. Baldrick’s head shaving events to keep the donations flowing.

‘Shave The Day’ is a first-of-its-kind mobile game where Schick turns player’s points into real donations to help fight childhood cancer. To get the shaving started, we harnessed the power of the Twitch community, teaming up with top streamers, inviting them to play our game live, and collect donations from their followers. Once they reached their fundraising goals, they shaved their heads using Schick Xtreme razors live, raising even more money and awareness for the cause. Shave The Day was so successful that it has become an annual fundraising push. It’s currently available for download on the App Store and Google Play Store.

Recognition: The Gamer, Bleeding Cool, Adweek, The Muse, Yahoo, AOL, Touch Arcade, Bloomberg

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