Pop Your Bubble

The Anti-Algorithm that disrupts your newsfeed with new people and perspectives.

In 2017, America was deeply divided. Social media was supposed to be connecting us, but many people were only seeing content from like-minded individuals in their news feeds. This phenomenon was actively driving people with different perspectives even further apart from one another

The KIND Foundation exists to foster kinder, more empathetic communities, so instead of just talking about the problem, we created a solution: Pop Your Bubble, a social experiment & tool that connected users to people outside their typical world views.

The secret was our "anti-algorithm" — rather than showing users more of what they already liked, we matched them with people who were most different from them. By connecting strangers based on their differences, we started countless new conversations, helping people across the country pop their social media bubbles.

Recognition: Fast Company World Changing Ideas Finalist, One Show Merit, Cannes Shortlist, Webby for Good Winner, Webby Nominee, 3 Shorty Awards, D&AD Impact Finalist

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